Property Industry  Lockdown Lifted in England!

Property Industry Lockdown Lifted in England!

Our team at beercocks are thrilled to be able to be back on the road again doing what we do best.

Whilst we’ve been very busy taking virtual valuations, and driving awareness for properties online, we are now once again able to mobilise our field based team so we can visit your homes to do valuations and manage a robust and vigilant process to enable property viewings.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick’s recent announcement has given Estate Agents an enormous responsibility and opportunity to lead by example in what is the government’s phase 2 of the Covid-19 outbreak management.

We take this responsibility for our staff, our customers, clients, key workers and our families very seriously.

Whilst this is a very promising step forward for the economy, and we understand our vital role in helping to get things ‘moving’ again, we also want to make sure we do this RIGHT for everyone involved.

Following the government guidelines around social distancing, PPE and clean protocol we will be going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our customers, clients and beercocks colleagues.

Our cutting-edge systems at beercocks allow us to be fully operational whilst working remotely, so whilst we feel the time is right to get the ball rolling with viewings and valuations which are essential to get our economy moving, we think it is prudent as we’re fortunate enough to have robust systems in place for staff to work from home that we still operate remotely for the time being (as advised by the government).

So what does this mean for you?

• You can call/email to book a valuation on your property and be greeted on the phone/email by an expert in your area to manage this process for you
• If you’ve seen a house you love online, you are now able to call/email us to arrange a viewing (subject to the house seller’s consent), we will then issue stringent guidelines of the social distancing protocol for the viewing to take place safely for all involved
- If you are already in the process of getting to move into your new property, you can now visit the property to get it ready for moving in (subject to seller’s consent and social distancing protocol)
- For those who require a face to face meeting (beyond the need of a valuation), these are being assessed on a case by case basis and we will endeavour to make this happen where necessary

We would like to once again say a big beercocks THANK YOU to all our NHS and key workers for keeping us safe and working tirelessly to overcome this pandemic, for those workers when you are ready to move please get in touch because we have some great offers and discounts available for you.

We would like to thank you all for your patience during these challenging times.

If you would like to discuss this further, please call us on 01482 330330 or email 

Stay safe, save lives, and let’s start to get the nation moving again (cautiously).

With love, our beercocks extended family

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